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It's Jonathon's Fault

On Feb. 21, 2015, Manuel Carrillo III had a creative spiritual awakening while helping his best friend, Jonathon Klein shoot a review of the Bentley Flying Spur. It was the first time Manuel would direct a vehicle review shoot, and through the process of helping Jonathon, Manuel was the happiest he had been in years. We're talking euphoric — as though the hand of God had reached into Manuel's heart so as to alter the course of his life. Indeed, plans had shifted that day. Instead of getting his Fox Body Mustang running by the end of that year, Manuel used the next 18 months to invest in his own production company. As a result, he's created a body of moving imagery that represents the high water mark of pride in his career. The video side of Manuel's work doesn't simply represent what he does — it represents who he is.


The People's Choice

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 review is a fan favorite. It's the video for which Manuel gets the most in-person compliments. Out of all his videos, Manuel's personality is the most unfiltered in this one ... especially when he talks about wanting to outfit this Benz with a stripper pole.


Nissan GT-R


Best Birthday Present Yet

On his birthday in 2017, Nissan delivered a GT-R press loan to Manuel's doorstep. It was a pretty good way to ring in 32. The ensuing review video wasn't too shabby, either. In comments and DMs, Manuel's Instagram audience frequently praises this film. 


Lexus GS F



The Lexus GS F review is Manuel's personal favorite, especially because of how the video begins. With just a few hours to shoot, fate took over and offered Manuel and his production crew one of the most stellar weather changes ever. Crisp sunshine gave way to an ominous fog that washed over the remote landscape just after sunset. The resulting opening shot — as well as the entire video — received raves ... even on reddit! Manuel has yet to verify it, but he believes this was the film that helped him get the chance to audition for the BBC's Top Gear America in 2016.


Honda Civic Hatchback Sport


Unexpected Excitement

Honda's Civic Hatchback Sport is just a commuter car, but that doesn't mean it deserves a boring review about how quiet it is while suffocating in the rat race down the 405. Being one to uncover where unexpected excitement can lie, Manuel shows you what this car is like to canyon-carve, and then he takes it to the drag races to prove that it's actually faster than a Civic Si from a few years ago.


Bentley Bentayga


In its Element Out of its Element

It's a 12-cylinder, 600-horsepower SUV that can do 187 mph, so the intent was to get it close to those speeds at El Mirage Dry Lake Bed. The heavy rains of early 2017, however, meant that the dry lake was actually still quite wet into the beginning of summer. Luckily, El Mirage offers a sweet off-road recreation area adjacent to the dampness, so Manuel got the proper old Brit dusty, and was ever so satisfied doing it.


Ford Mustang GT California Special


It Makes You Feel Special in California

In defiance to the Bentley and Honda above, the Ford Mustang GT California Special is happiest in what is arguably the most special place in California: Big Sur. Ironically, the film car for this shoot was a Camaro. Again, more defiance. 


MOMO Edition Volkswagen Jetta GLI


The First for "The Third"

After developing his video chops hosting motorcycle reviews, Manuel dove into his true passion of presenting car reviews with this 2016 MOMO Edition Volkswagen Jetta GLI. Presenting this review was the realization of a dream that had begun more than a year earlier when Manuel directed Jonathon's Bentley Flying Spur video. 


McLaren 570S Spider


It Makes You a Better Human

A month-long stay at a five-star hotel, a trip across the Atlantic in a private jet — experiences like these leave an indelible mark on you. It only took a few hours for the McLaren 570S Spider to leave that kind of impression on Manuel Carrillo III.


Tonka Trucks


Your Childhood Super-sized

With more than 128,000 YouTube views, it seems people enjoy living vicariously through Manuel as he fulfills a childhood fantasy in adulthood. There are few things more fun than romping Tonka Trucks through the very terrain where they filmed Gunsmoke.


Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse


Still the Greatest of them All

Manuel often gets the question, "What's your favorite car you've ever reviewed?" His answer has been the same since the summer of 2015: "Bugatti Veyron." While the Jetta GLI review above was Manuel's first fully produced car review video, this GoPro POV-based review was actually Manuel's first-ever car review on camera. Some people start off small. Manuel started with 1,183 horsepower underneath his right foot.