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With the help of his oldest brother, Jeff Carrillo, Manuel bagan shooting cars at age 16. Jeff was a Fujifilm-sponsored, internationally award-winning wedding photographer at the time, and lent his Nikon F4 (and sometimes F5) to Manuel for use in his high school photography class. With access to world-class equipment and Jeff's guidance, Manuel was excited to leverage the opportunities his brother and the photography class offered him. Whenever an assignment would allow it, Manuel would point his lens at cars. A fan of automotive magazines like Motor Trend and Car and Driver since before he knew how to read, Manuel drew upon his life-long exposure to the photography in those publications to inspire his early work. 

Today, Manuel draws inspiration directly from the lightsmiths who shoot for those leading magazines, and he is fortunate to call those gifted artists his friends as well. Manuel credits some of his abilities to leading photographers such as Sam Bendall, Drew Phillips, Keiron Berndt and Ted Gushue.

Enjoy the hand-picked selection of Manuel's work below. For a daily dose of his latest photographic work, follow him on Instagram.

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